Friends with Benefits

So I get this 50 blog topics assignment in class one day and I think to myself, what in the hell can I blog about. Now in undergrad this is a hard decision. So I’m sitting in my room pondering and the first topic that pops into my head is Friends with Benefits. It was like the Rock power bombing the Undertaker in a cage match POW (clearly I was born in the 90’s)! So in my room listening to my favorite song by Rihanna I ask myself “What do I know about friends with benefits?” Before I answered myself, and yes people it’s ok to answer your own question, I listened to an old radio topic I did for my senior thesis,on my show Real and Uncutt listen to it on ( Had to throw in a promo). But anyway I made a list of the top five things good and bad about having a friend with benefits:
1. It’s not always the girls fault: You guys it’s a new day and age females aren’t always “in their feelings” like they say we are. Dudes make it very easy for a girl not to give a rat’s ass on a Friday night. It called retaliation; you treat us like crap so we in return grow tougher skin and start not to care. There for we are capable of having “benefits” with no FREAKING emotions.
2. Somebody is SEARIOUSLY bound to get hurt: I mean seriously, people don’t understand when it comes to a friend with benefits the only thing you really need to know is the person’s name (or a nickname I mean hell you need something to call them), their age to make sure their legal, and a number to reach them at. When you get to know somebody you begin to learn them once you learn them you develop feelings and I swear feelings are like a nuclear bomb you catch those and the whole United States could blow up.
3. You get to reap the benefits: Ok so we are all grown here we all know what the benefits are. Sometimes as a person you just need benefits and that’s ok. Lol benefits are GOOD!!!!!!! I mean would you take a position at a large company if they weren’t offering you dental!!!
4. Bad part about this is people get jealous: Only when one person catches feelings does this become a problem. Because if you want my opinion I don’t care about Tom, Dick, or Harry but everybody isn’t like that. Some people just like to keep you to themselves and those people want relationships so hall ass to the nearest exit door and don’t look back.
5. It has to come to an end: Now this can work either way. Some people end UP together other people just end. I mean how far did you think the benefits would go from America to Budapest. Where ever that is. But any who always remember it’s never that serious think with your genital sense not general that’s where people get it messed up.
Until next time TOODLES readers


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